The Importance of Your Smile

The Importance of Your Smile


We understand the importance of having good teeth and a great smile. One of the first things people notice about you is your smile. Therefore, a smile can mean a lot in human relations. On the other hand, damaged teeth can make a person self-conscious about smiling. That’s why we here at Dr. Tyler M. Christensen, DDS PC Dental aim to give you the best smile you can have. We offer cosmetic dentistry to help you achieve this.

5 Reasons to Have a Great Smile

Here are just a few reasons smiling is important.

  1. Smiling can elevate your mood. So the next time you feel blue, just simply smile and you might find you feel better.
  2. You can make a great first impression by smiling. In one survey 70% of adults say a smile can make or break a first impression. OAK BROOK, Ill., June 11, 2018 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/
  3. Smiles are contagious. For example, you may be around someone who is down in the dumps.  You don’t have to give in to their mood. You can just smile and you will likely bring them up scale with you.
  4. When you smile, you are viewed as more attractive and sociable.
  5. Smiling projects confidence. This can help you get business and close deals.

A person can be self-conscious of smiling when they have flaws in their teeth.  Therefore, these are dental problems that should be addressed. The good news – with today’s dental technology we can do a lot to improve a smile!

What Cosmetic Dentistry Can Do for You

Crooked teeth, chipped teeth, missing teeth, etc. can make a person feel anxious about smiling. They wonder what people will think about their appearance. No one has to suffer from such dental deformities, especially when many solutions exist that can repair teeth and improve a smile.

Cosmetic Procedures

Here are some of the cosmetic procedures available and what they can do for you:

Teeth Whitening

Our dental office whitening treatments are much more effective than over-the-counter treatments. You will get better and more long lasting results. Additionally, you will want to have professional cleaning done before whiting your teeth. Plaque, tartar, and other debris can cause uneven whitening. Therefore, we recommend professional cleaning before any whitening treatments.


When a tooth has become damaged beyond the simple fix of a filling it requires a crown. For example, a crown can be used to protect a weak tooth from breaking, hold together an already broken or worn tooth, cover a tooth which has a large filling or dental implant.

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge literally bridges the gap created by one or more missing teeth. It is made up of two or more crowns for the teeth to fill the gap. A bridge can restore your smile and your ability to properly chew and speak. It also maintains the shape of your and helps prevent remaining teeth from drifting out of position.


Dental implants replace tooth roots. They provide a strong foundation for fixed (permanent) or removable replacement teeth that are made to match your natural teeth. They are durable and will last many years and could last a lifetime. It will help with the problem of deteriorating jaw bone because there will be a “tooth” there to create the force of a natural tooth.


Dental veneers are thin shells of porcelain or composite resin that are custom made to fit over teeth. They provide a natural, attractive look. They can be used to fix chipped, stained, misaligned, worn down, uneven or abnormally spaced teeth.

Gum Reshaping

Gums that are low or too high on can affect your smile.  For example, gums that cover too much of your teeth can make your teeth look smaller. Whereas gums that are receding can make your teeth look too long. Gum reshaping can even out an uneven gum line and give you a smile you can be proud of.

You deserve a great smile that gives you the confidence you want so you can smile whenever you want to. With Cosmetic Dentistry we at Christensen Dental can make this a dream come true for you.


Dr. Tyler M. Christensen, DDS PC